Tuesday, October 14, 2008

knitSB's Side-to-side Sweater Yarn

I took a class teaching me how to knit a sweater side-to-side. I'm really enjoying the design and the knitting is quite rewarding and the color play is enjoyable.

You can tell from the videoblog that we've been inspired to knit another one for knitSB. Actually, I have two other side-to-side sweaters that I would like to knit.

The Citrus Malabrigo wasn't the right color as you can see here.
Citrus Malabrigo2

The dyed color is much better, isn't it?
The process of dyeing with icing dyes was actually straight-forward but I got a little scared with I found out that vinegar sometimes fractures the icing dyes into the separate colors. For instance, purple fractures into blue and red, an unexpected twist. The contrasting color yarn is neatly displayed in a basket we had around the house.

I have two pair of glasses that I swap out. Just in case you're wondering.

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MsKnottyKnits said...

You are a brave man to have dyed that Malabrigo! Whoa!! I, for one, am glad you did - it looks better than the original!

I love the yarn-o-copia - very sweet! I may have to make my own now!