Friday, October 24, 2008

Knitting and Strangers

I think knitting has been wonderful in making it easy for me to talk with strangers. I share a bit about my recent experience when I took my knitting with me to the endocrinologist appointment.

Really, I want to know what type of knitting you take with you. Please add a comment.

(do I need to make a contest out of this for some sock yarn or something?)


yarmando said...

I take socks, of course. But my GP once told me he wanted to come into the room some day and see me knitting a poncho while wearing it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't your mother teach you not to talk to strangers?

Miss Amy said...

I usually have a sock with me and some other project just in case. Right now I have the Lace Leaf Shawl that I just started. (1st shawl ever for me). I'm more of a reserved person in public, but if someone approaches me I don't mind share a conversation with them.

Love your blog! Amy (dreemgypsy on rav)

Sue said...

I've had many people come up to me in public when I'm knitting. One time at my husband's eye doctor every person that walked in, and we were there for almost 2 hours I kid you not, asked me what I was knitting. At the time it was a pair of socks. Another time we were sitting outside on the patio of a coffee shop and an older lady with a walker came over to the patio by the railing and asked me what I was knitting and I showed her the socks I was knitting and she patted my hand and said "They are beautiful and you are a wonderful young lady" Ahhh she called me young! I love her! hehe :)

micah said...

I like to take my little ball sack with me wherever I go. You know, the one with the crazy petterning. I always have a hat going and it helps on the bus because the dudes are too scared to sit with you and the girls are always willing to talk about it and ask questions.

It's much better to sit with a nice young lady than with a sweaty dude on the bus.

That is QUITE a basket Ger!

Anonymous said...

I usually carry several baskets in my car. Depending on how long the wait... depends sometimes on the project I choose. I always have a bag with socks. Lately... I have a Lantern Moon drawstring fabric/basket that I'm using to carry the 2 sleeves of a sweater I'm making for hubby. I get comments on my knitting but also the bags I carry. I like to collect small knitting bags. I got into a great conversation at the Social Security office with a women who just moved here from Germany. Said I didn't know how to knit because I wasn't knitting continental. How funny!
YarnaholicBeth (Beth M.)

MsKnottyKnits said...

Socks socks and more socks! I think that they invite people to ask more questions as the construction is very interesting. Like you, I do notice that people actually want to converse with you over the item - not just say hello and move on. They stop and smell the roses for a minute, which is something more people need to do!

This weekend I sat on a bench and knit in downtown Asheville, NC. It was wonderful!!

Cat said...

LOL - how can I beat Don's story about his GP?

I often take socks. I like taking hats, too, because they're so darn easy and portable. I've tried taking the Pi Shawl, but I'm not finding it nearly as mobile as EZ said it would be.

This last trip to NYC with my Mom, I had socks. Mom was so in love with the yarn that I decided they'd be for her, which makes 3 WIPs for her at the moment. Friday morning, while waiting to get back on The Bus, a woman with a walker asked me about my knitting and I got into a long conversation with her and a few other elderly women about what we like to knit, and the walker-lady said she, like me, enjoys knitting preemie gifts. But, she admitted to not bringing any knitting with her on the 2 day bus trip - does that make sense to you at all? It doesn't to me!

Betty said...

I take the simplest project I happen to be working on, usually a hat, sometimes a scarf. I think it would be fun to take more complicated projects, but I know I would mess them up while talking to someone.