Tuesday, February 17, 2009

knitSB enjoying Italian pasta

knitSB and I enjoyed a pasta dinner on Sunday afternoon at Giorgio's on N High Street just south of Weber. I snapped this picture of him enjoying his pasta and meatballs. Othe pictures of my food can be found on my flickr page. Just click on his picture to be taken to see.

I started with a rather tasty salad and moved to chicken Marsala with gnocchi and vegetable pasta. These were quite tasty! The vegetable pasta was not pasta at all. It was sliced veggies cooked in some butter. nom nom nomma

We each got a dessert. I got tiramisu that was a slighly heavy but still delightful ending to the meal. Coffee would have been a nice addition but I opted out because I wanted to sleep that evening.

I liked the place. Our intention was to go out for pizza but Urbanspoon suggested this place as having pizza. No pizza on the menu but a pleasant dining experience in a quaint place with good service.

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Joanne said...

Yummy. It all looks delicious.