Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome Hugo!

I've been away from the computer for about two weeks mostly because knitSB and I have added a 6 month old boxer to the knittingbrow household. He's full of energy and doing quite well, overall. We adopted him from our friend darkprincess who recently experienced a life changing divorce. It's certainly understandable that the do would be too much. We're grateful to have him in our life. He arrived being called "Duke." That didn't seem the right name to us. After a week, Hugo was the name that won out.

He has cut into my knitting time, honestly. This getting up early and taking him for a walk is cutting into my staying up late an knitting time. It's certainly worth the change.

The class I taught was "Yarn Substitution" at Knitters Mercantile. I really am grateful for the great students attending. They were very interested in finding out about yarn and asked thoughtful questions that gave opportunity for additional learning! I'm teaching another class on Saturday, April 25, 2009, 10:30-3:30 (with a lunch break). I really enjoy teaching this class! I learn something new each time.

EPS will be offered at Knitters Mercantile on Thursday evenings 4/2, 4/16, 4/30 and 5/14. The time between classes really do help the students keep up. The classes will be in the next quarter class list. Call the shop in March to sign up. No Chris, I've not forgotten the work on your sweater. The dog has taken most of my time. It's getting better and more time will be available.


Jim Brochowski said...

He is beyond cute. What a neat thing, and what good friends you are to take Hugo in.

You talk about walks - wondering how big your yard might be.

As a complete aside - we have a love seat that is the exact match for that chair.

Thanks for sharing Hugo.

Paul said...

Hugo is such a handsome boy! Congratualtions on the new member of your family!