Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 Boys Fishing Trip

I'm on vacation with my brothers on the Annual Boys Fishing Trip. (remember, every time you read "fishing" associated with me, replace it with "knitting"). I'm currently working on a test knit for a yarn company's sock pattern. I've enjoyed the knitting of the pattern, even after the operator error. The pattern will be available at Sock Summit. The test knit will be shipped off on Monday! I hope they are pleased with the test knit enough to let me continue my membership in the Ram Club.

One the way down to meet up with two brothers for the 6.5 hour drive up, I stopped at fiberworks. Arlene is a very nice lady that I've had the pleasure to see at lots of fiber fests over my knitting years. In fact, I first met her when I was in high school back in the 80's and she had a booth up at the Dayton Art Institute festival/craft event. I was so inspired by the hanks of handspun that I took one of her cards. I still have the card.

The yarn I bought was Crystal Palace Mochi Plus, intended to use for the evil sock genius sock Arch-Villain KAL. I will be using the magic loop. Just sayin'.

The weather is beautiful here.

BTW: I'm working on a few changed to the blog this week. Fingers crossed it works out well.


yarmando said...

You're vlogging from Fish Camp? I thought the first rule of Fish Camp was no talking about Fish Camp.

I'm making some Arch-Villains out of Mochi; haven't decided whether I like this yarn yet. Looking forward to talking about it with you when you get back.

Cat said...

Possums are marsupials. Looks like a lovely place to sit and knit!