Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 hats and a Shawl

I've been busy knitting hats out of the Berroco Vintage Wool. I finished two other hats in the last few days. One additional hat is a going away gift for Bill S who leaves for his Masters work in theater. I promised to knit him a hat as a going away gift. I also knit a baby hat for Baby McC. The expectant mom reads the blog, so I'll post pictures after she receives the gift.

My brother has been working on his TV room and recently added a HD Epson projector that is a 5' X 10' screen. I've been trying to knit while watching some videos in his new space. Let me tell you, the great screen distracts me from my knitting.

The Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten kit details are here. LittleWit on plurk gave me the suggestion to make all the thrums first. I've done this and hope it will make it easy to knit.

My vacation with my brothers has been great. We've got this down to a science. We can each do what we want to do without worrying about the others. The typical teasing and arguing got heated up on Saturday morning to no harm to anyone. I like my brothers. How often can people say that about family?

The video that's paused is Erasure "Sometimes." I couldn't find this version on YouTube. I remember dancing to this song out at the bars when I was in college. A great song and great memories. I think I dance like Andy Bell. LOL

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