Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Possums, thrums and a tattoo, oh my.

Thanks, Cat for the clarification about possums.

The hat I knit was using the Vintage Wool. I'm done with the 2 skeins that I bought. I got 5 hats out of those two skeins, 2 baby hats and 3 adult hats. Not bad at all for the cool price of $12 + tax. Do you care enough for me to write up the pattern?

Thrums. Thrums, thrums, thrums. bleech. I'll get back to them but I need to not look at them for awhile. (Thanks, Littlewit for showing me Hello Yarn's blog post about making thrums. You're right. They are easy and I was overthinking them.) That's why I'm taking the Elbac out of time out. Raverly details. It's from the Knitty, Winter 2006 and by Laura (Yarn Thrower). Don't you love her smile? I'm doing version one. I'll let you know how it goes.

The picture of Anneh's tattoo on Ravelry. I just got to her blog and must go back and read more. She's really into sock knitting. The tattoo might have been the tip-off but the FO socks are, like, wow!

Emerald Stitch N' Knits has a blog here. I think I'll track her down and chat with her about her yarn. Would that be fun for you?

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