Monday, August 3, 2009

Mags, Bits and Frogging

Once again, knitting patterns for men are left off of the two most recent issues of Cast On and Interweave Knits. This is becoming a habit. I ranted about this before.

The Tit Bit can be found on It's a really easy knit and a great way to help someone who needs a better option for a breast. I gave #1 the option of yarn color and texture. The best yarn for the pattern should be soft! I used Art Fibers. I knit two Tit Bits in one night. My special note: only use an i-cord for the nipple if you want a really prominent nipple. I fixed both of the ones I made.

Time for the Elbac to go away. The pattern doesn't hold any interest to me. It's be awhile since I last picked it up (almost 2 years ago). The only think I like about the project is the color of the yarn.


Kay in New Mexico said...

Advice from Wise Old Knitter: Hey, Boss, if you don't like it after two years you're never gonna like it. Rip it out. Skein and wet the yarn and hang it to dry. make it back into a ball and knit something you REALLY like!

Anonymous said...

have you ever written to these magazines and voiced your thoughts on that fact that there are no patterns for men?