Friday, August 21, 2009

I got Crazy Zauberball

I got Crazy Zauberball
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Crazy Zauberball
420 m=100 g
75% virgin wool 25% nylon
purchased at Imagiknit in San Francisco 

We arrived in SF on Saturday and headed to the Castro for lunch. After lunch, we wandered around for a bit  I felt the need to find yarn. 

I really like I've been using it a lot on this vacation to find local yarn shops. I've been to Imaginknit in San Francisco on my last trip and saw we were really close to the shop. 

Have you ever been to Imaginknit? It's quite a nice shop. There are two rooms, one for wool and the other for plant and man-made fibers arranged from lace-weight to super-bulky. What I saw at the sop but didn't pick up was the new Jared Flood book, Made in Brooklyn. I'll have to find it later.  

When I discovered this Zauberball in the sock area I actually gasp outloud. I'd seen this yarn on Ravelry and heard people talking about it. It is colorful and exciting. I know I'll be able to get a full pair of socks out of it (460 yards) if that's what  I decide to make. I am struggling with not wanting to knit socks on really small needles. 

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Cat said...

Oooh - that looks really interesting! Can't wait to fondle it!