Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainbow Trails: A View To Remember

Yesterday we drove around Lake Tahoe. The 81 mile trip gave great photo opportunities and we stopped several times just to snap photos. On 89 N, just after leaving 50, there is a little park that you can park your car and walk. This photo was taken on the Rainbow Trail. The trail is named for the Rainbow trout that swims in the streams/river. 

The amazing view here shows the delicate balance of nature. Off in the distance is the lake. The lake gives way to marsh. Marsh gives way to meadow. Meadow gives way to forest. It was easy to see the difference between these areas. Hmmmm. I learned something on vacation. :)

The knitting on the karius-type shawl is going rather well. This skein Kureyon sock yarn hasn't been twisting and snagging as much as my first shawl. this skein is a second (or possibly third) run o the new yarn and I think Noro has worked out a lot of the technical difficulties.  I agree with you Kay in New Mexico, the colors are wonderful. I don't think I would actually put the skein into a hank, wash it and then reskein it. That takes time away from my knitting. *grin*

I just got to the halfway point on the shawl last night and started the decreases. I'll post my pattern adjustment here and on Ravelry when I'm finished with the shawl. 

I appreciate the comments on the vlog post. I'm vlog answers to your questions Beth when I can use my video. Congratulations on your son getting into CCAD.

Vlog postings will resume in about two weeks. I'm taking some video but have no way to upload. Comment with questions if you like. 

BTW: Jeanne from Jimmy Beans Wool read my post. That made me very happy. It's one of those "brushes with greatness" I treasure.    

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words and yes... my son is very excited to start. Orientation begins tomorrow. Looking forward to your 'reply'. Glad you're having a great time. Pictures look breath taking!