Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Beautiful View: Measure for Measure

A Beautiful View
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A. and i took the 45-minute drive across the north part of Lake Tahoe to arrive at Sand Harbor State Park for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare festival. This picture shows the view while watching Measure for Measure. We opted for the upper level searing area which gave us a great view of the stage for a very good price. And we also had a nice view of the lake.  

The beach chairs sit in sand. I have never watched theater while sitting in the sand. I've never had some with a shovel offer to get my chair level.  That made me smile. I snapped a photo of the guy using his shovel but the picture is too dark. 

The performance was enjoyable. I had some difficulties adjusting to the sound system and the language. The highlight of the show was the performance by Gina Daniels as Isabella. Her stage prescence was commanding in a gentle and pious manner appropriate for the character.   I'm really happy that I saw the show. 

This performance was an Equity Performance and that means there should be no photos or recordings taken during the performance. My photo was taken before the performance started. There was a person taking photos during the first act. That bothered me. She started to take photos at the top of the second act and I went over and told her that "photos are not to be taken during the performance.". She stared at me, shocked. "please put the camera away now." She did.  


Cat said...

Ha! You're so bossy!

Kay in New Mexico said...

Sounds like a very interesting evening - even Shakespeare that we know well becomes a new thing when the venue is so different!
And good on ya with the photo lady. I think sometimes people do rude or illegal things simply because no one says "Don't do that."

musicaljeff said...

La Lupone and I are very proud of you!

Jim Brochowski said...

Aw - Cat beat me to it. ;-)

Well, good for you for being the camera police!

Seriously, Kay in New Mexico said it best. I'm glad you did that. You should be proud of yourself.

wiccan is bitch'n said...

I totally agree with Kay! good for you for being willing to speak up. I wonder how many people were to affraid to do so.
~Heather Ross