Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cookie Cutters Galore

Cookie Cutters Galore
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I'm working on props for the Dinosaur Musical at the Columbus Children's Theatre which opens in just less than two weeks! ack

A prop needed for the show is an edible lizard that gets killed and eaten. I'm going to use krispy treats, covered in green fondant. I'll be using cookie cutters to make the form that is small enough to be eaten quickly. I have been unsuccessfully searching in the usual places I visit for props. A quick internet search lead me to Columbus Cake Craft. I called and found out they had the cookie cutter I thought would work.

Today, I stopped at http://www.columbuscakecraft.comand snapped this photo of the wall, yes wall of cookie cutters.

Wow. I picked up three different cutters that should look like a lizard on stage. I'll post a picture of the progress.

Oh, and I am making the krispy treats red so it will look like blood. It is a small detail I think makes props really cool. :)

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