Wednesday, October 20, 2010

St Francis statue

St Francis statue
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I snapped this photo almost 4 years ago at the M's former place. The landlord spent a lot of time planting her gardens and making a few interesting ornamentation choices.

I chuckle when I remember this statue of St Francis with its head sitting in the bird bath. An unexpected and curious item to have in a garden. Yes, I like it.

Have you seen the Dr Who episode called Blink? Creepy and well written. I would like to have a statue of an angel covering its eyes. Do you know where I can get one? I have no garden ornaments. We have a few items hanging in the fence and two pink flamingoes but no gnomes, angels. I do look for garden gnomes when I'm visiting the garden centers but have no luck finding just the right gnome for our garden. I expect him to find me. ;)

Other than flowers and plants, what do you have in your garden that makes you grin?


yarmando said...

"I would like to have a statue of an angel covering its eyes."

That is one way to insure that I would never, ever visit your house.

read2akid said...

I have a worm that is in 4 parts so he looks like he is undulating out of the dirt. He's very cute and makes me smile. But you are correct--the right pieces find you.