Monday, October 4, 2010

Legally Knitting

Legally Knitting
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knitSB and I kicked off this season's Broadway Across America by attending Legally Blonde. This high energy show has some rather nice moments and a few catchy tunes. There were quite a few young ladies wearing pink. (like omigod, I couldn't believe it. omigod). I was happy to hear some of the one-liners that got good laughs from the movies. We enjoyed the show.

I snapped this photo of my knitting in front of the screen at intermission. These are knitSB's orange socks. I just need to complete the gusset decreases and knit to the toe decreases. I will need another skein of this yarn. these are turning out to be expensive short socks. I love the color and the recipient, so they are like totally worth it, OMIGOD!

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Sue said...

Like that sounds like totally awesome, dude! ;)
I've been MIA. I was visiting family for 3 weeks. :)