Saturday, February 12, 2011

Josh Knits a Toe-Up Sock

Josh Knits a Toe-Up Sock
Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
I taught Josh to knit almost two months ago. He wanted to learn to knit socks. Last Sunday Yarmando brought some give away yarn (& his ball winder) and started Josh on his first toe-up sock.

You'll notice Cat is frightened by this endeavor. Strange because her first knitting project were socks.

I'll post an update on his socks te next time I see him.

My knitting is slow.


Cat said...

hehehe - funny picture! Josh is such a quick learner!

JOSHUA said...

I really like this picture too! I look so focused, as if I were doing brain surgery!

Cat said...

I think much of what you were doing was trying to block out the madness around you while you learned a new knitting technique. LOL What? Madness at knitting?

Sue said...

Were your ears burning today, Gerald? I totally did an ear burn for you to get back to Plurk. :D