Monday, February 14, 2011

Koigu Sock Repair

Koigu Sock Repair
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This is a picture of my poor toe repair of my second toe-up sock knit in Koigu yarn. I wore the socks twice and ended up with a hole in the toe. I was unhappy and put the socks away for awhile. Actually, they were in hibernation for 5 years. I found them recently and added them to my to-do list. I did a poor darning of them with some left over Twisted Sisterz Jazz. I might try to felt the toes and heels just to get some more wearing time for these socks. Of course, I could just knit another pair. I have more yarn.

I enjoyed my knitting group on Sunday. Two new crafters joined us. I got this toe fixed and also rebound of the ribbing on the first toe-up socks I knit. Picture to follow.


yarmando said...

Darning is hard; you are brave.

For a toe, I probably just would have picked up stitches, snipped the toe off, and knit a new one.

Unfortunately, my darning jobs are usually in a more complicated place, like the heel.

Kate said...

This is why I don't think I could ever knit socks from Koigu. But I am in awe of your darning skills; I tend to leave them til there's more hole than sock... :-)

Sue said...

That's a bummer you got a hole in them. :(
I've been able to darn my husband's socks that I knit him and he loves them to death but I told him that the one pair he wears the most is on it's last leg. LOL I don't think I can fix it again.