Saturday, February 19, 2011

My knitting in the wild

As a knitter, I enjoy seeing my knitting projects "in the wild." You know what I mean, don't you. Seeing something I've knit being worn without the person knowing that I'm going to be there.  Do you like this?

Recently I visited my sister and her husband. I spotted some socks I knit for her in 2007.  Here's the picture of the socks when I originally gave them to her.
HFeet Jo On
and she was very happy to get them.  See?
HFeet Jo Handoff
I love this photo.  The smile is perfect. 

Three and a half years later, she still has the socks and wears them.  I snapped this picture as proof.
Jo Wearing Her Socks 
Makes me feel good to have my knitting enjoyed over a number of years

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cindy said...

I love it when folks wear my socks. It's why we knit!