Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knit Meredith in Rapture

Knit Meredith in Rapture by knittingbrow
Knit Meredith in Rapture, a photo by knittingbrow on Flickr.

I'm a very lucky person.

This past Sunday I was knitting with my peeps and Knit Meredith was called up for the Rapture. Just last month it was Yarmando and now a second person I knit with got the call.

Knit Meredith was generous and passed on the Rapture. She opted to stay and continue her work on the Windschief hat she's knitting out of llama yarn. The West Knits Design is part of a commitment she made with Josh. She committed to finish the project and not allow it to be a NoFO (No Finished Object) (registered trademark).

I wonder who will be called to the Rapture next?

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Beth G said...

LMAO! "Reknit, reknit - the end is near!" (it's closer than you tink!) ;-)