Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sock Reincarnation

The beginning:

 Creatively Dyed
Pattern: sportweight toe-up sock. Size US 3 DPNs (KnitPicks Options)
Yarn: Creatively Dyed (shared here on the blog)
Cast-on as a Cast-One Sunday Project. Completed in 7 days.

The first life:
Healing the Heel The heel needed healing.

The second life:

I shortened the foot by 1 inch and the heel hits wrong. *ugh*
I added 5 short rows in the heel flap to lengthen it so knitSB would like it better.
The cast-off was too girly loose for him. I used the knit two, *pass sts back to left needle, k2tog through the back loop, knit one, repeat from *. I like this bind-off a lot but it doesn't work for the recipient.

The third life:

I pulled it out and will knit top down socks for him. I know how to knit top down socks and know the heel fits him.  I expect there are better toe-up socks patterns to allow adjustments (evil, no less) but I wanted to knit a second pair using this nice pattern.

The lesson learned: 
Not every foot likes the same toe-up sock pattern.
I loved following this pattern from my iPhone. I didn't use paper to print the pattern. How green of me.
I like WendyKnits (free) patterns.  They are easy to follow and this one worked for my foot well. I think her Faro Easy Shawl is next after I finish two projects.  Visit back for details.


yarmando said...

That wedge heel--most prominently used in the Fleegle sock and WendyKnits sport weight--is great but is really, really wrong for some feet. I'm not surprised that it doesn't work for knitSB.

Last night, I tried Interlock Bindoff for the first time, and loved it.

Cat said...

I think it's interesting that all our feet kinda look the same, and all of our socks kinda look the same, but some socks fit differently on different feet. It's part of the mystery and magic of sock knitting that only Yarmando, The Evil Sock Genius really understands.

Pam said...

I love all this sock talk. I'm just learning to do socks, so I'm soaking in the information.