Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blue Waves and Piers Progress

I had time to work on my Blue Waves and Piers socks today. This is my second pair of these out of the Kaffee Fasset Regia sock Yarn. I really like how the color and pattern work together.

I'm using my 2.25 mm needles and find the knitting slower than I like because the yarn and needles are just so dang small. ;)

I work both socks at the same time using separate sets of DPNs. I am ready to do the "forethought heel" on the second sock. It isn't difficult, just a little clunky on the DPNs and by the fact that I didn't put the sts not being worked on scrap yarn. I think I will do that for the second sock.

I've decided that I need to finish these socks before I attend a 3rd reincarnated sock out of the orange Creatively Dyed yarn.

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read2akid said...

I love the wavy top! Lovely detail. And I agree--the colors work very nicely with the pattern.