Monday, July 11, 2011

The Cultural Hub of the Midwest

Happy Birthday, Cat. Today is her birthday and she wanted to celebrate at Bob's Bar with karaoke. knitSB and I showed up to join the fun. There was singing, drinking and some pool. And knitting. See?

It was Sunday and I had to cast-on something for Cast-On Sunday. I am working a washcloth in a simple cotton yarn on US size 5 circular needles. A simple pattern, appropriate for bar knitting. I selected a light colored yarn so I could see. The bar was well lit so that wasn't a problem.

I played two games of pool. (or is that shot two games of pool?) I'm not skilled at pool. I snapped this photo of my knitting and one of the bar stools.

I did not know that Bob's Bar is the "cultural hub of the Midwest." It's in print so it must be true. :)

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Joanne said...

I see by the wall decorations that they serve Great Lakes beer there, so it's got to be pretty far up there in terms of culture. Good Beer!!! Hope you guys had a good time. It looks like it.