Saturday, November 5, 2011

Learning to Use a Chainsaw

My BIL Jack taught me how to use my chainsaw this morning. I brought the manual with me so he could look at it just in case it has significant problems. It didn't. We (he) took it apart and tightened the chain, added chain and gasoline and it started up after a few pulls. This is impressive because I haven't used the chainsaw in almost 10 years (if not longer) and did no preparation for such long storage. Jack did a cut with it and found the chain was very dull so he let me do some cutting with his chainsaw.

After I get the saw started, it worked out pretty well. I cut two of the trees into 18" lengths. I'm looking forward to going home and being able to use my saw on my own. I'm confident I can do the cutting I need. Notice the flannel shirt my sister bought for me. I think it's nice.

After the morning, we went to Planktown Country Market. It's a bulk food store that has spices, cooking ingrediants and an incredible deli. I picked up spices, bread flour and cheese to name a few things. The horshradish cheese is quite tasty. We headed to my niece's house for a nice lunch. I got to hear about her wedding plans. She's almost done and the wedding is almost 11 months away. w00t.

Here's a video to lighten the mood a bit, especially after seeing me using a chainsaw and wearing flannel is too much for you. Enjoy!

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