Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Calmer Baby Hat

I was glad to be invited to a baby shower that happens this week. I do like to provide a hand knit item to welcome the baby to the world.

This knit was quick. Knit out of Rowan Calmer on a size 5 nylon 16" needle. HPIM5774.JPG
I simply cast-on 80 sts and knit in a K2P2 rib until I was almost out of yarn. I did an elastic bind off to create a straight top for the hat. When I changed colors, I knit a plan round to avoid the purl bumps showing up. I thought they would be very distracting. Each time I changed colors, I knit a plain row. This does NOT interfere with the stretch of the hat at all. I topped the hat with a blanket stitch in the green.

This is my sister holding her granddaughter, Quinn. The hat is cute, but not as cute as my great-niece Quinn.
Here's a picture of the hat in progress. I do think that Quinn likes to be photographed, don't you?


Jim Brochowski said...

Quinn is adorable!

fuzzyjay said...

That is so cute! And a great idea for a beginner's hat.