Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Special Gloves Redux version 2

Yep, these are the gloves that need to be P E R F E C T. At least they need to be in my mind. These were a Christmas gift for 2008. I didn't get the fingers correct on the left glove and I had an in person fitting and got the fingers right. But the ribbing at the bottom of both gloves is not tight enough. So, I set off to fix them. Little did I know there would be a knitting lesson in my adventure.

D, I'm working on them and they will be finished this week. I thank you for your patience and look forward to the picture of you showing them off. You'll smile, won't you? I've seen your smile, D. It's a good one and the world needs to see it. Or the 5 people who read my blog regularly.

Previous posts about these gloves can be found here and here. Yes, I do wear the same sweater that's in two of these videos. It's a zipper cardigan that is cabled and delightful. Yes, I have another cardigan in my knitting queue that I'll be working on this year. The yarn isn't as heavy and the finished sweater will be great!

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Sue said...

You have so much patience!