Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knitting Time

It is easier for me to want to knit bigger projects during winter. Sweaters and blankets are items that took up much of my knitting thoughts the first 5 years of my winter knitting time. I still like to work on these items in the winter, my thoughts now are more towards completing my current works in progress.

I have been wondering about the criteria I will use to cull unwanted projects. This is my current plan. When I come across an unfinished object I will pause and look at the project and determine the progress. Are all the pieces together? Does the pattern reflect where I stopped?Is the yarn with the project? Is this an item that I still would love to have? Am I enjoying the knitting? I think these are good questions for me to ask.

How do you handle you UFOs?

Thank you for your comments about our cat, Hunter. She was a great cat. Now knitSB and I will seriously consider addind a dog to our home. This would require a significant change in how we spend our time. I'll update you as we explore options.

Chris from Briar Rose. I need your foot length for the pair of fun house socks. Send me that via email at knittingbrow (aT) gmail (d0t)com.

Knitting to sure yours?


Kristen said...

i was so sorry to hear about your kitteh :( i'll miss her guest cameos on your vidblog...

knitting resolution #1 for miss KK this year is to plan/start/complete her first sweater... (the pattern has been chosen but i'm flexible as to changing it if wiser ppl think it's too ambitious for a first project!)

cindy said...

My way to handle UFO's is to ignore them. But I certainly like the methods you suggest.