Monday, January 5, 2009

Special Gloves finished (again)

From my previous post, you saw that I was knitting some gloves for D. They were delivered before Christmas to a great reception from her father.

Unfortunately one glove didn't fit. I was able to do a special fitting when the family came to see me so I could get a more accurate understanding of how poorly fitting they were. All five fingers needed additional knitted length which I completed tonight. I'm certain they will fit and keep two hands warm. I've asked for a good picture of D wearing the gloves. Apparently girls her age don't smile, at all. :)

My knitting for the next twelve months will be focused on completion. I have far too many projects that have been cast on and then tossed aside because the next new project took my interest away from the other. This sort of thing happens a lot in my life. You'll see more videos of my projects and completion posted on the blog.

I will not list the complete list of pending projects here because I'm afraid that there are so many I'll get overwhelmed.

Next up for finishing are two fidgets. They needblocked and buttonss. That won't take too long but it is a detail in completion that gets to me. I never really liked hemming the clothes I sewed. I don't mind sewing on the buttons once the right buttons are found. More about buttons later.

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Jim Brochowski said...

Very excited to give the gloves to D and get you that pic. We'll make her smile. ;-)