Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Two of being sick

I've not been feeling well the last two days. I called in sick on Monday and left work early on tuesday. It started with stomach problems on Sunday and kicked in on Sunday night with the sniffles and the sick day high blood sugars. Today was the second full day of that adventure. I am not a good sick patient. In fact, leaving me alone to sleep is probably your best option. Just ask knitSB. I didn't go to my weekly KIP (knitting in public) tonight.

Our 17 year old cat Hunter died over night. She was a lovely cat and a great mouser. You probably knew that by her name, didn't you.

The shawl was well-received by my boss today. The colors are perfect for her. The special gloves were delivered and need a little snugging up in the cuff. I'm thinking some elastic should do the trick, don't you?

I was able to knit two repeats on #1's Medusa hat. That means I only have one more repeat before I start knitting the turning section. This is the fourth section that needs knitted. Once I join all the sections I have the extra long ends to bring to the front and knit into two-stitch I-cord. This will take some time. Two concerns that I have and am preparing for are: 1 the hat will be too big. My guage has been a challenge because I'm mixing 6 different yarns of different fibers, weights and companies. I'm pleased with how it is looking and am ready to knit an inner skull cap to help it fit better. 2. the little i-cords are to look like little snakes, as the name implies. I hope to be able to get them knitted so they look right without distracting from the overall design. I left extra tails to ensure I have enough yarn for them.

I will take pictures before I put it together. You need to see this :). I haven't been able to find a picture of thecompleted hat outside of the book. I don't believe that I could be the first person to knit the Medusa hat from Handpaint Country.

BTW: the EPS class that I was to teach at the LYS was canceled due to low registration.


Cat said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Hunter. I"m sorry that you're sick, too. Blood sugars make even the littlest cold more sinister, but you're a pro at dealing with it, I bet. Just take care of yourself. WE'll KIP again soon. We must!

Mary said...

I am so sorry to hear you are sick and that your kitty died.

Rest up and I hope you feel chipper soon.