Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hey, It's a Sunday Update!

Exciting times are happening in the knittingbrow household! Knitsb has most of his stuff in the house! Saturday evening we spent time moving stuff around and getting clothing into places it can hang properly. Happy stuff going on!

The scary stuff was that I am in the process of relocating my stash. The piano will go in it's place. I've got lots and lots of yarn and I took advantage to revisit my yarn. I've got some yarn that I don't know how I got. How did I get some of the cotton sock yarns and acrylic "mohair"? I don't want it and don't think I'll be knitting with it but I'm not ready to spend the time sorting. So, spring cleaning will be involved in April and I'll try and empty out some stash. I'm not sure what or how much, but I'll let you know.

Was it just me or did the time change really mess me up? I always have some difficulty with the spring and fall equinox and my diabetes. This is the first year that the time change came almost three weeks early. This season knocked me out of sorts. I'm better. Thank you.

I've been working on Matty's sock so I can get them off the needles and on to his feet! That moving stash around really does bring light some great projects that were planned. Several nice sweaters, a few hats and many socks. I have a lot of sock yarn, a lot. It bit scary, really.

Knitsb and I went through my patterns and resources documents and books. I separated out the patterns by style and such. I will need another full book case to make organization easier.

My internet access at home is not working properly so I'm going to try and reset my modem and the wireless router so I can get some work finished!

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