Monday, March 19, 2007

Stash Maintenance

Maintenance of one's stash can be a bit of a challenge.

I'm listening to a podcast for me called Stash and Burn. Have you heard it? These two ladies are trying to knit from their stash in 2007. Wendy also started to work on knitting from her stash in 2007. Her post got lots of people to think about knitting from their stash including rules that she and a friend decided on. Heck, even two ladies from my LYS tried to do this for a few months. Aunt Gerry won. Sock Princess lost.

I'm listening to the podcast and one of these ladies has put all of her stash into a spreadsheet so she knows exactly how much yarn she had in yards. Wow. I would imagine that she can also see how much she has of each yarn weight and color.

How do you monitor your stash?
  • Have you created a great spreadsheet?
  • Have a database set up?
  • Throw everything into a bag and keep it in the closet?
  • Do you even have a stash?
Do tell. Are you willing to share your document with me so I can put my own information in it? LOL

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Cat said...

I should probably start some sort of monitoring system. At the moment I have 4 large plastic bins in the guest room with yarn sorted roughly by weight: sock, chunky, in-between, and one for needles and junk. It's kind of a mess, but it's workable. I should stop getting new yarn and knit from the stash now . . . but I keep seeing new things that I want to knit but don't have the right stuff for! I did just start socks from stash yarn - that great stuff with aloe vera and jojoba oil infused in the yarn that I got in NYC. :-)