Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday Knitting

was quiet.
Don was working a fair isle hat from Cider Moon.
KnitSB was in the knitting zone and quickly knit about 7 rows of 240 sts. He is at his 7 months of knitting. He's turning into quite a nice knitter.
KnitMer worked on an alpaca scarf and discovered affirmed that she cannot knit and talk at the same time. While she thinks this is true, it's not. I did help turn a few P sts into K sts and vice versa. Amazing what a crochet hook can do for knitting, isn't it?
Matty continues working on his sweater, making enough progress to have only 1/2 a color band before he approaches the sleeves.

We told bad jokes and the other regular Wednesday people who visit cup0joe weren't offended.

I did work on Matty's second sock. I've only been working on this pair of socks for, like, 4 months. I've completed other projects, of course.

BTW: If you listen to It's a Purl, Man, go fill out his survey.

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Randy said...

Maybe I can join you next Weds. I sure hope so!