Thursday, March 8, 2007


So, I'm reading a few blogs and I stumbled over chaos. I see the link to a "search for inspiration" from Just a Knit Wit.
I posted just a bit of this. This is why I knit:

I began to knit because I enjoyed talking and spending time with my friend who taught me to knit. I commented how meditative it was watching her as we talked about the next color yarn she was using.
  • I knit because I thrive on color. I enjoy the tactile mixing of colors in a project created by my own hands. I am an artist. Instead of my art hanging on a wall, it moves through the town, being noticed by keen eyes that see beauty all around them.
  • I knit because it is beautiful to knit.
  • I knit because I am part of a community.
  • I knit because my creation balances the destruction that goes on around the world.
  • I knit because people need to be warm.
  • I knit because I am grateful.
Why do you knit? I encourage you to share why you knit with those around you. Especially Just a Knit Wit.


knitsb said...

To be honest, I started knitting because I thought it would be a great way to get closer to a wonderful guy who I am now with on a more permanent note. ;-) hehe But now that I've been knitting for 7 months, I really like the meditativeness (is that a word?) of knitting. I also like the colors and the way the yarn feels running through my fingers. Very relaxing!!!!

micah said...

"Keen eyes..." I see you guys!

Cat said...

I knit because I love creating beautiful, colorful things that cannot be found elsewhere.

I knit because 2 very dear friends of mine were making such beautiful, one-of-a-kind items and I had to be part of it.

I knit because those beautiful, one-of-a-kind items share love, warmth and joy with the people who wear them. It's a tangible outpouring of the love I feel for the people who wear them.

Oh, yea, and because I'm obsessed.

Chris said...

Thanks for stumbling on by. ;)

I knit because it calms and focuses me. And I don't have any real "products" at my job (how satisfying IS an excel spreadsheet, anyway?), so it's nice to create physical objects.

Matt said...

My tuesday therapist said this new obsession is unhealthy for me But my friday appointment guy says its fine. I can afford a lot more yarn after firing the tuesday guy!