Tuesday, July 3, 2007

ArtYarns Sock Fiber? Did you know?

I was visiting a LYS last Wednesday as one does when one has the afternoon free. I like to visit shops during the day because they tend to be quiter than on the weekend.

I didn't know that ArtYarns has yarn specifically for socks? Nice colors and it feels good.

I actually went to the Yarn Shop because I wanted to search for a spindle. They had only three left (none are worth mentioning). Yarn Zombie's picture of her spindle made me want to go and find one for me. *sigh* I have two top whorl spindles and would like a bottom whorl to try it.

Hmmm, I kinda want to spin but don't want to make the time to try it. *oh my* Any suggestions on where to go and get some motivation?

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Jacki said...

Hey, if you need motivation, you can always come over to my house and play in the fiber pile. :)