Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gone Fishing

My annual "fishing" trips begins today with my brothers. The five of us have been getting together for 14 years (or is this year 15?). The boys and Dad would get together and fish.

I've packed my fishing tackle knitting so I'm ready to head out. I will take my laptop and will try to post a bit while gone.

I've got some fun stuff to share. Cool stuff and great knitting progress.

I'll leave you with something funny. I remember singing this song when I was in elementary school. I heard it on the radio, made a tape of it and sang it a lot. You remember how to make a radio recording, don't you. You hold the recorder up close to the speaker? Yes, it was annoying. No, I was not an annoying child.

(now, if any of my siblings are reading this, feel free to dispute that statement!)


knitsb said...

OH MY!!!

Anonymous said...

i remember this song, too. we sing it sometimes. lili was grossed out. good to keep them on their toes.


Anonymous said...

LOL thats a funny song...Keegan is singing fish heads and Britt is laughing so hard

Anonymous said...

I remember that song, put the video really did it for me. Thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed working with you this past week end. See you soon.