Sunday, July 15, 2007


I'm going to be away until Friday for an out-of-town training in Atlanta for work.

I am taking some knitting but expect to have a lot of "homework" for the training session. I don't expect to get too much knitting done, but I've got the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts on the needles for the plane ride. I am test knitting a pattern for the evil sock knitting genuis. I'm actually enjoying testing the pattern. It's fun.

BTW, knitSB didn't know that the original movie of Hairspray
actually starred a man in the role of Edna. *sigh* (I think he was kidding me because he's going to miss me)


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip! Stay cool. KnitSB can hang with us if he gets bored.

Really enjoyed having you guys down. Lots of fun. Thanks for the info. Hope you can come and stay again soon.

L & M aren't coming till tomorrow.


Cat said...

I didn't know about the cross-dresser, either. We young folks . . . you know.

Romi said...

:sigh: I loved Divine in that role.

Anonymous said...

I hope your plane arrives safely. Sorry you have go through all of the crap at the airport again. Did you treat the cancellation like an adventure again to keep you sane?