Thursday, July 5, 2007


I've been burning through my yarn stash lately. I've made five pairs of short socks with a twisted cable out of Lamb's Pride Bulky. Using bulky yarn and size 10.5 dpns really make a fast house slipper/sock. KnitSB is happy because two of the socks are his. I'm working on my sixth and need a recipient.

KnitSB and I are doing a knit-along for the baby surplice sweater from the Vogue Knitting from Meg Swansen. She found the pattern among Elizabeth Zimmermann's notebooks and published it. It's a nice pattern. Garter stitch throughout with decreases placed at the beginning and end of every other row and strategically placed increases to create arms. I finished one in April for a new baby for someone I worked with. I didn't take a picture.

The most recent completed object is knit out of cotton yarn (from statch) using the Knit Picks options needles. The perfect point for the yarn. Baby Surplice

I was scanning my bloglines and saw a post from Needles & Hooks about an EZ Baby Surprise Sweater. Isn't this one cute? Another nice surprise from b r o o k l y n t w e e d.

Of course, if you're really interested in all things Zimmermann, there is a blog dedicated to projects from her books. Check it out.

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janel said...

oh, very cute. I like where you put the contrasting stripe. Now I want to go knit one!