Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thanks for the Congratulations on the Class

I wanted to say thank you to those who commented about my experience teaching.

It really was a great experience. Now, what should I teach as a next class?

I wonder about how to get the pattern out from the class I thought? Should I just post it here? Sell it?

Thoughts? Do comment. I love those comments.

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micah said...

I don't know anayhting about patterns. I say share it.

The photo: "Do What?"

Glass in foot: Dude, that's scary!! I had a good chunk in my hand once and after I couldn't get it, the guys at the hardware store (note: guys at the hardware store may not have the greatest eyesight or dextarity) went at it with a razor blade and a pair of twezers. Everytime they'd grab it, it'd shoot out of the sweezer and make a snaping sound as the tiny jaw slammed shut. It was horrible. Finally the accountant from the back came out (she's a mom) and got it in one try. Long afternoon. I think I may have blacked out at one point cause I'm a wuss.