Friday, October 12, 2007

Yeee-ouch! Squeemish? Move along.

(long version)
It all started just over two weeks ago when knitSB dropped a drinking glass (simply by walking past it as it sat on the kitchen table) causing it to break, making glass and water go all over the floor.
After cleaning it up, we went along, minding our own business.
That is until the shard of glass decided to embed itself in my left foot. Ouch.
I dug at it and thought I got it all out...but, you know, there was that intuitive flash that said "nope, there's more."
After several days of soaking my foot in an epsom bath, I still woke up with the sense something was in my foot. I dug at it. I could feel it, but not get it. And then I couldn't tell if my foot hurt because of something in there or because I dug at it so long.
A call to the dr's office put me on the "emergency appointment" list for Monday. Monday came and went without a call reaching me. So I called and schedule one for today, Friday.
I arrived on time, got checked in and escorted to the room to wait for the nurse practitioner to come in to see me. The Dr was out on Friday and I'm always glad to see the Nurse Practitioners. They are way cool in my opinion!
She looked at it. Asked questions
"is it red or warm to the touch? Have you had a fever"
"No, no and yes, but related to getting a cold. "
Well, you need to keep soaking it and the glass will come out. We don't want to dig at it because you might get a nasty infection. Not good for a diabetic.
I'm going to England and need to walk. I want you to dig at it, get the glass out because there will be an infection (if there isn't already one, right?)
Let me check with the Dr.
(a few moments later they were back with the stuff to dig, but not without going to numb my foot first)
This might sting a bit.
(holy, f**k, ouCH!, oooh, danggGG, o.mi. OUCH!)
a bit (I said) Sorry if I cursed.
That will be the worst of it (she said, calmly)
(she squeezes and pokes at it)
Oh, there's pus. There was an infection. Let's get all this pus out.
(good idea, pus bad)
There's a foreign object. Almost got it. There we go!
(she shows me a sliver of glass about 5 millimeters long, no wonder it hurt)
I'm glad you made me dig. You're foot will be numb for about 6 hours or so.
(I got treated well, left with a prescription and an appointment for a physical to celebrate my 41st birthday)

And numb my my foot was, making it interesting to try and walk.

(short version)
got glass removed from my foot today. Better. Going to England in a week.


knitsb said...

Yes, it's all my fault!!!

Meredith said...

Oh my G-d! I passed out while reading this.

Anonymous said...

i am going to be a bad friend now---i would have loved to see you try and walk with a numb foot. sorry, when you told me on Saturday, i went to a bad place and could visualize it....bad trixie-no doughnut! i love you. i am glad that you are better and they got it out.


Cat said...

Owies! Poor you! Poor, poor baby!

(I'm with Trixie, though - musta been great fun watching you try to walk!)