Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sock Clubs

Are you a member of a sock club?
I am.
Which one(s)?
I'm a member of two of them, Rockin' Sock Club and Red Bird Knits SOTM. I like them both for different reasons.
What do you like about your sock clubs?
I like Socks That Rock yarn. It feels great and the colors are wonderful. I have yet to knit one of the patterns from the club, but they look good. And the comments on the club blog certainly are exciting (and varied). My, who would have thought that toe-up socks would cause so much controversy.
Red Bird creates a special pattern using mass produced yarns by great companys. Last month was Jitterbug yarn from Colinette. Robyn who creates the the is great. She sends out an email to members about the new club, responds quickly to emails, and sometimes gives a chance to "suggest" specific colors that I might like. This got me thinking...
Do you like to have a choice about yarns and patterns?
Yes. I wonder if you do and why.
Do you always knit the socks with the pattern you get? Why?
No, sometimes the color would work for a different pattern.
What do you wish there was available in a sock club?
I'm still pondering this one. Dream big and share with me.
If you had your way, what would you keep the same about the sock clubs you are in?
I like the monthly payment option of Red Bird. The single fee can be a bit daunting.
What would you change?
*still thinking*
Thoughts about clubs?
It's all about the yarn for me. I want delicious yarns before everyone else. and I want enough yarn to make socks that fit me and are tall. And the pattern needs to be engaging but not mind boggling. And no pattern errors!
What is it all about for you?

I'm interested in your answers. These are some thoughts that keep me up at night. Strange isn't it, but I like to take an idea to it's logical end sometimes. Help me get some sleep and post your answers in the comments or email me at knittingbrow(AT)gmail (d0T)com. Once I get 25 answers, I'll post the compiled answers. I am hopeful that it won't take too long to get 25 answers. *grin* Share as needed.

I think there are about 6 people who read my blog. I haven't figured out which blog traffic software to add to my blogger to track this. Any suggestions? The instructions need to be easy! Maybe we can meet for coffee and you can help me do it and I can buy you a coffee.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KnitSB and Red Robin and mundane stuff.

KnitSB and Red Robin
Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
So KnitSB and I went to dinner at the local red R0b1n for dinner on Tuesday. The scary bird came our way and I wanted to take this picture with the two of them.

KnitSB and I were out buying an air conditioner. He's got some allergy troubles and reactions to heat. Sinus stuff too. *insert icky sounds of nose blowing here* We installed the air conditioner tonight.

While were were out, I found some wire crates that I'll be able to put together and move our yarn from containers so they can be out. I like this motivation >I see it, I want to knit it<
We got 8 sets of 6 crates for a total of 48 crates. And I might be able to get 6 more spaces in the display units if I work it out properly. These will be good for the baskets I have of yarn. These will go in the large foyer.

We continue to clear clutter in the house and organize. Tuesday, we were looking for a unit to hold all the CDs we have in the house. We've seen a few nice set ups that are close, but not perfect. We need to hold about 1200 CDs. We'd like it behind doors. KnitSB likes the idea of glass doors. We'll find it. Of course, the "footprint" needs to be small.

My Rockin' Sock Club shipment came today! I'll post a picture Thursday. I've been thinking about sock clubs. I've got some questions to ask!


not only is this a lovely photo but it inspires me to start knitting lace.

I'll be watching this blog.

Summer Means Reading

right? You read during the summer? If you have children, you should be reading and encouraging those kids to read too. Nothing worse than letting a brain go to jelly over the summer.

Read this nice post from Ethical Thought about how to find suggestions for summer reading.

Now, if you really want good advice about summer reading, go to your local library! Library staff rock!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

True Color Photos

Click on the photos and visit my flickr and read the small description.

Erasure Performing

Bloggers at True Colors

The Group

Deborah Harry

True Colors Crowd

Dancing in True Colors!

Guess where I went tonight?
I got to see the True Colors Tour when it came through town!

Deborah Harry is an icon and has a new album coming out in August. I didn't know any of the new songs but they sounded great.
Erasure is one of my favorite dance bands from the 80's and today. Such a nice sound. *and no, their songs don't sound alike Trixie, similar yes, but not alike*
We got up and danced to Erasure. Well, Wendy, Mike, Don and I got up and danced. I enjoyed myself so much, I kept track of their play list. I share it with you:
  • Sunday Girl
  • Blue Savannah
  • Drama!
  • I Could Fall In Love with You
  • Chains of Love
  • Love to Hate You
  • Sucker for Love
  • A little Respect
  • Sometimes
  • Oh L'amour
Then Cyndi showed up. Did you know that she has an amazing voice. I mean, amazing. She can belt out a tune like few others. Her version of Money Changes Everything really rocked the house. Then she got acoustic towards the end and that highlighted her voice. Time after time with just her voice and the dulcimer.
Cyndi's set list (as I remember it...please help fill in the few I've missed)
  • (insert Cyndi's songs)
  • When You were Mind
  • She Bop
  • I Drove All Night
  • Money Changes Everything
  • Time After Time (acoustic)
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun (just the short version)
  • Take a Chance on Me
  • True Colors (Acoustic)
The version of True Colors was inspiring. We were holding hands, swaying back and forth. Have you listened to the lyrics lately. So don't be afraid!

I did take some pictures of the event. I'm experiencing a slow learning curve on including the flickr photos correctly to the blog. I'll see what I can do about that. Of course, it was with my phone and the quality is a bit off.

Now go....don't be afraid to show your true colors!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
Here's that "reality" style photo of me with Miss Lime.

Knitters Connection 2007

You can see some of the photos of people and yarn I experienced while at Knitters Connection in 2007. It was amazing.

there are stories to tell and all of them fun and humorous.

I had several "brushes with greatness" I saw LimeNViolet. I hung out with them in the evenings. I got to be their "bitch" while they were podcasting. They even signed my body. I got this reality style photo of Miss Violet and Me. These are people that I want to knit with again. I also got to meet "sideshow husband" who is a really nice guy. And I didn't get a picture of me with both Lime and Violet.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What an amazing two weeks. (abridged)

I went to TNNA when it was in Columbus.
Took a crochet class from Melissa Leapman. Apparently, my grandmother taught me to crochet and I completely don't remember.
I walked around the exhibits.
I started a new position at my place of employment. A great change.
I worked at Knitters Connection.
I got to listen to Lime and (Violet) do a podcast. I got to be Lime & Violet's "bitch" while in they were in town. You know... bring coffee, bake cookies, etc.
Got to hang out with them over a few drinks.
Met some really great vendors at Knitters Connection, including Yarn Love, Chameleon Color Works, Interlacements amongst others. Continued my great connection with the fab team at Cider Moon.
More later and pictures too!

Monday, June 4, 2007

knitSB and knittingbrow: abridged

I've not told you, but I've got my "something better."

We met last year and spent a lot of time together. I taught him to knit. He continues to knit and is good. He's just learning to knit a sleeve on double points. He's using the EPS.

Ever know when it is just better than you ever expected? I do. And when that happens, I like to make a commitment. And I like to exchange jewelry. See?

We had them specially made.

They say "my something better"

knitSB's has my handwriting on it.

Mine has his handwriting on it. And the wonderful thing is that the writing is cast into the ring, not just etched in. So it is not going anywhere.

The place that made the rings was thrilled to have such a unique request. They were wonderful to work with in the creation. We're thrilled.

We've done something private but are considering a ceremony sometime in the fall. And probably a party. I mean, we all need a great reason to celebrate, right?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Matty!

Join me in wishing Matty a Happy Birthday.
June 2nd is a great day!

Happy Birthday Matty!

MS&W 2007 Yarn purchases!

Dzined hemp and wool sport weight yarn that will be make into socks. That's the top one. knitSB and I each bought a skein to do a sock knit-a-long.

Middle brown and teal yarn is from Autumn House Farm. Stideaway Shetland in the color Moor Stalker is 100% Merino. It is beautiful. Don and I each bought a skein. (the colors on their website don't do it justice) I think they will make lovely socks, don't you?

Bottom yarn is from Just Our Yarn in Travelor and is 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon. Great color and knitSB and I each bought a skein.

I did make it to the "Fold" for the Blue Moon experience. Of course, I had to go back and see what was left after the feeding frenzy. I'm glad I did. Left to right in the Heavyweight Merino Socks that rock are "Jade," "Rose Quartz," and "Hoofle Foofle." I like the feel of this yarn and the weight. I thing they will knit up nicely for my own socks that rock socks.

knitSB and I both got a skein of Smoky Topaz in the medium weight. I think this could be another knit-a-long for us. Isn't this nice? The couple that knits socks together, stays together. *grin*

And I picked up a pattern from the "fold" as well. I'll post some pictures of this Mystic Sea sock when I get it started and finished.

That was all the yarn I purchased. I got KnitBeth a bottom whirl drop spindle. I wanted to find some great lace weight yarn but didn't find any that just made me to want to knit lace immediately. I also didn't find any fiber that was better than what I can find at home from Cider Moon.

Additional updates on the last month next!

MS&W 2007

Time for an update. I'll give an update of what's been going on over the next several posts.
Guess where I went? To the Maryland Sheep & Wool 2007. I'm fortunate to have been able to travel with Matt, Don, and KnitSB (blogless)to arrive in DC to stay with Micah.

Read Matt's entry about the MS&W first.
Now read Don's entry.
And finally, read Micah's.

I had a great time with these guys. The traveling out on Friday was no problem. I worked on Matt's socks, which were finished Friday night and given to Matt. It only took me from November to May to complete them. I did make Matt try them on quite a few times to make sure they fit, not to look at his feet.

Here are a few pictures of the MS&W 2007 from Knitting Brow.


All the cars parked to get into the place. We didn't arrive too late and we certainly weren't the first ones there! Nor were we the last.

Reality style pictures of us driving for breafast!

Reality style photos at the Lincoln memorial.

and look! It's knitSB being a tourist in DC. It was awfully nice to get the DC tour after having spent all day at the Sheep & Wool. I've never been to DC and was glad to see it.

Next post will be pictures of the yarn!