Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tink Knit and Purl

I asked on Plurk what people would like me to vlog about today. 
Msesheta asked "how to tink back in both knit and purl."
Rowan said she "has problems when she tinks finding where to put the needle. Its not always evident to me where it goes to tink back."

Thanks for the topic ladies!  Please let me know if you find this helpful.

"Tink" is unknitting (not knitting backwards like I say in the video). Tink is actually knit spelled backwards. Cool, huh?

I'll work on the focus for the next instructional video post. I'm using a flip camera with a 1" screen. It's kinda difficult to make sure I'm actually in focus.

There are a couple of good videos available that shows you how to Tink. This one is from Jimmy Beans Wool. Here are two from The Knit Witch one about tinking the knit and purl sts.


Marqaisa said...

Thanks a lot @knittingbrow. Its good to know that I have a few options. :)

Sesheta said...

Great instructions that were easy to follow and understand. Thanks!