Friday, July 23, 2010

Yarn Candy Socks

This is my pair of Yarn Candy Socks. I think they're lots of fun.
Yarn Candy Socks

The pattern was suggested from the the Golf/Athletic Socks included in the Little Box of Socks. (Rav link) I used the numbers and the garter edged heel. I'd never seen this heel before and like the way it looks. I used a partridge heel flap instead of the suggested stockinette heel. Here's a close-up of the heel.
Yarn Candy Socks Heel

Selecting the next color to use was a lot of fun. It did mean that I had 4 ends to run in for each color switch. I ran in the ends while traveling. Details in the vlog post. Here's a picture of some of the ends. Yarn Candy Socks Ends

I enjoyed finishing these socks. Superwash, size 3 DPNs.

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