Friday, April 15, 2005

15+ Minutes

I got this great email from my friend N 3. She's a former employee who excels at editing what people write (read as using a red pen on all of my memos and smiling at me as she hands them back...but I used this to my advantage and had her proof stuff before I gave it to staff :) I realize she's probably found about 4 errors in what I've written.
Dear Friends and Family:
Last Saturday, Jim Kershner wrote a humorous column in the Spokesman-Review
about the grammatical errors newspaper people make and the readers who delight
in pointing them out. This column itself was (deliberately) full of mistakes
and Kershner invited readers to make corrections and forward them to him. It�ll
be no surprise to any of you that I jumped right on that one.

Today I learned I am one of two winners. Although others found more mistakes,
I found what Kersher called true mistakes (i.e. the misuse and the
misspelling of pejorative). I will receive a Grammar Police coffee mug.

Therefore, all of you who are accustomed to muttering "know-it-all" under
your breath and/or behind my back may now call me that right to my face. Because
I am proud to finally be an official know-it-all. And I do plan to lord it
over all of you. It took me fifty-nine and a half years to get my 15 minutes of
fame, and I�m going to stretch it to 17 or 18 minutes if I can get away with it!

Meanwhile, loved ones, keep those apostrophes under control.
I think this is fabulous! It's about time someone gave her a prize! Love you N 3

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