Sunday, April 10, 2005

Obi and Knitting

What a great weekend! LJ and I went to visit S in Dayton. A good visit. S is *supposed to be* taking more photos because he *needs* to take more photos. I was going to be a model for him but he didn't want to take photos. That's okay because we got there late, just before 4 p.m.
I continued the kntting lessons for E and B. Fun fun fun! E is actually getting pretty fast at the knitting. He tends to stretch the knitting a little (okay, a lot) the first few STS but he gets it under control after about 4 STS. And B is doing great. She gets it! How knitting is just a bunch of loops. But I don't think she knows she gets it. It took me about 9 months of knitting for me to be able to see the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. but I understand it now. (okay...most of the time)
I knit on the Obi on Friday. I've knit too far to put in steeks for the sleeves. Oh well, I'm making up the color design as I go along. And I've manipulated the pattern enough to not be really following the pattern as it is written. I'm enjoying it, overall. I've got to make a decision of which colors to work on now. I might move to the brown or green and knit the final 6 inches to the top. or knit every other row a mixture of the green and brown and light green. i don't know! I do have to make a decision before I go any further. Oh, here's a picture of the pattern. I'm making up my own color it will look different.
I cleaned up the front yard! I picked up the twigs in the back yard and near the driveway. It felt good. I do think I'm going to spend some time separating the hostas and planting them around the yard. They really did great last year. And I never thought daylillies were that "weedy" in how they propagate. I've got to get in there and move bunches of them to other places (or recycle them) I've got lots of space on the outside of the fence I want to move them. I'll do that before I move them to the compost. Last year, the Ms moved some to compost and they bloomed in the heap. I found that fun!
One thing I learned last year from gardening was to get in early and move out the mulch. If something is going to try to grow, it needs the clear space to do it (read that as encouragement). Isn't that true for us all? Don't we need encouragement as we begin something new? I know I do!

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