Monday, April 18, 2005

Catching Up on Comments with Questions

I must verify:
Maggie taught me to knit in March of 2002. Not Meg. I think I was tired when i wrote the 100+ Things about me and messed up. Maggie and Meg are not the same person. Heck...even the accent is different! Meg taught me to cook soup (along with Margaret). I have corrected the post.
I was asked why would anyone spend an inordinate amount of time blogging. And what is the "taking a chance" about. Excellent questions. I'll tell you why. I have wonderful friends who have read my blog and commented. These comments are part of the 'taking a chance' for me. You all keep me honest. And I put out in writing what is sometimes difficult to say. I get to have readers keep me real and honest. I'm finding this doesn't take any more time than typing an email once I've set up the blog. I think it will be good for me as I can take pictures and put them on the page. It's also a chance for me to actually keep up with my committment to post regularly. You all know me, the next shiney object and I'll be on to that thing. And using the blog will help me use the technology in a new manner. I'm experiencing technology, Gerald style!
Now, Steve, mentions that I will be 39 for a long time because of decluttering my house. Well, now. Supportive aren't we? I say realistic. lol. Yes, it will take time to declutter. Afterall, I'm overcoming 38 years of having been a packrat. I'll get there. I think I'll plan on still decluttering my house before I'm 40.
Now, Abby caught on an early post about "Interruptions Reactions" that I didn't say how I felt about the reaction. Let me tell you. I was angry and pissed off! I felt picked on and not cared about.
I'll try to be clearer with future posts and I expect to be called on errors!

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