Friday, April 29, 2005

It's Fun To Check Things Done

Today at work I had a great opportunity to get stuff done without being constantly interrupted. You might have read that I came back from vacation with 310 emails. Well, that's down to 100 unopened emails (including those I opened and "read later"ed in Groupwise. I know, I know, there shouldn't be any unopened emails. *thssssssssp* on you. : ) The other groovy thing is I got rid of about 400 opened emails. I'm feeling lighter!
I've been enjoying the work on the basket weave scarf for Joanne. Hey! Joanne! Did you read that? I'm thinking I've got about 20 rows left before I'm done. A great thing to experience! A FO!
I'm still working on the Tahoe Obi and struggle with trying not allow it to be teadious. The colors are great! What project next?
Technology can be grand....especially when I control it! I'm taking the weekend to get my thoughts in order to create an Access Database that will help me track my time. It will be very cool Lady Julie is working with me tonight. Chris helped this afternoon by taking the time to help me relate my thought about work to work related strategic plans. (i just wrote strategic plans in my blog.)
I'll keep you in the loop!

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