Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My, it's a little early for me to be posting. Yes, Song Ferrett, the time is early on a day I don't have to work!
I slept all day on Sunday. Yes, all day. I believe it was awake for about 6 hours. The weather was beautiful out and I had excellent sleep. I sleep well during the day. I found myself dreaming of many things, in full color. One of the dreams was about moving into a new house, or rather, clearing stuff out of Fair Play House so it felt so new. There was hard work included and it was rewarding in a completely different way. It registered differently to me. Deeper and more complete.
This morning I dreamed again of the garden and purposeful cooking. Go figure. I expect the dreams from this morning to resurface so I can further explore them. My gut reaction is understanding these dreams will help me understand what is going on now for me. I welcome understanding!

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