Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Vacation Knitting!

So, I'm back from vacation. Met at work with 310 emails and lots of stuff that needs my "immediate" attention. Had some great relaxation on vacation. I'll fill you in on stuff later. On with the knitting coolness!
Went to a store called "Love to Knit Yarn Shop" in Vermillion OH. Great lady owns the shop. When we arrived on Thursday late morning, there was a knitting group there just knitting away. They welcomed us without delay. These ladies were happy that I knit. I scanned her books first and found this!
Opinionated A wonderful find seeing as all the Columbus stores are sold out! . Of course you'll see the "ribwarmer" spunout which the nice owner gave me. Hey, it was only $1, but the thought was important! She is an obvious lover of all things Elizabeth Zimmermann and schoolhouse press. She had a ribwarmer on display at the shop and I saw that there was no seam up the back. Got us talking of course.
I also broke down and got some other things.
They are here.
Magsyarn Yes, the new issue of Interweave Knits and a back issue. You'll also see some yarn. I know, I know....I'm not buying any yarn in 2005, but I made it to April. The price on the Koigu was great and she took off an extra 10% because I was using them for socks. And the Mango Moon recycled silk really goes to a good cause. It was a good purchase, I think.
Here's a close-up of the yarn!

Joanne was with me and she wanted some socks or something knit for her. I've very happy to help out. She found some bamboo yarn from Southwest Trading Company. She liked the colors. I'm knitting up a scarf in a basket weave pattern. I'll knit until I'm done. It shouldn't take too long. I did get myself a treat in the form of Lantern Moon knitting needles. Esquisite needles that help people.
Here's a picture of both the basket weave and the needles.

Bored of the knitting stuff. I'll write more later about the knitting.
Anything you want to know about vacation? Please ask!

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