Monday, November 16, 2009

1st & 2nd Mates

You may have watched this vlog about my theater experience with a wonderful crew for How I Became A Pirate. I wanted to share a few more pictures & videos of K & M. I hope you enjoy.
M & K thought it would be fun to make t-shirts for any member of the production crew that wanted a Tartuga t-shirt. Of course, everyone needed a name to go on the back. This is a picture of the back of their shirts. Tartuga T Shirts.JPG I think they did a great job! The back of my shirt said "kid knittingbrow."

I really like this picture of these two amazing crew members. They had a great time and it shows on their faces. I believe they still like each other after the experience, too. Always an added bonus, I think.

Crew Smile.JPG

They spent much of the show moving the dinghy.
Dinghy Moving.JPG

and they wanted a picture of them holding it.

And what does the crew do during the performances? Check these out.

or this one

Theater should be fun. And this experience was fun.


Cat said...

K was telling me about her lip synching - too cute! It's great that you all still get along . .. and I would definitely attribute that to great leadership, from you and Nancy!!

Netter said...

What a great experience for K & M. I'm so thankful you gave them the opportunity to learn and grow!