Sunday, November 29, 2009

How You Doin'?

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This is knitSB modeling the Turn-A-Square hat that I made while at Thanksmas 2009. I think a perfect caption is "How you doin'?"

The pattern is wonderful and has a jogless jog technique that is new for me. I used Lamb's Pride Worsted and some Noro Silk Garden.

I really like the color combination with the gray. My brother Mike gave me a hat book as part of my gift. I asked if he wanted a hat. Yes, he wanted one but nothing as fancy as the hats in the books. I had just finished this hat and said "You mean a simple hat like this?" Yep. So I gifted this hat to Mike.

What is wonderful is when I see people wearing the knitted item I made for them. My brother wore the hat the rest of the day. I did mention that he didn't have to wear it for my benefit. "I'm cold and it keeps me warm." His wife wore her shawl all day, too.

I had a great knitting day at Thanksmas 2009. Two of my neices asked me to knit Topi hats for them. My future nephew-in-law wants a red Topi and my great nephew's father wants a red stocking hat. I'm happy that so many of the family has asked for hand knitted items.

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Sarah said...

You can knit me something any day Uncle Jerry! I love seeing your creations, you do such beautiful work. I'm so lucky to come from such a creative family. Looks like everyone had fun at Thanksmas, can't wait to see more pictures.