Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yummy Birthday Present

Yummy Birthday Present
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My friend Peggy Lilac asked wha I wanted for my birthday. I don't need any more "things" and Peggy is a great cook. She suggested cooking some food that I could take to work for lunch. Such a great idea for me! Today's food is split pea and rice soup. It is quite tasty. The seasoning is really good and has a hint of mustard. I like split pea soup and make it a lot for myself. Peggy's is perfect for my Thursday lunch.

Behind me is the quilt that N-cubed made for my birthday several years back. I love the quilt and it hangs in my office to remind me of how amazingly colorful life should be everyday.

I've been feeling "old" over the last few days and it is good to have some good reminders of the "happy" aspects of birthdays. The feeling "old" shows up by getting irritated by slow drivers, how young some people look and that I still have so much left on my life to-do list. I'm working on keeping everything in perspective and to stop "talking about" things and to start doing things.

What was your best birthday gift?

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Cat said...

Just think . . . if you'd already done most of the stuff on your life to-do list, there'd be little left but to die, right? Gotta keep a few things there just so you have reason to keep moving! You are young, and vibrant, and delightful - don't forget that!

My best bday gift: a weekend in the Hocking Hills w/Mike and Si at our fave B&B