Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Expedition detail

Expedition detail
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After visiting the Art Institute of Chicago, I took the short walk to The Loopy Yarn for their Men's Knitting night. I had a good time and got to meet Todd. Todd is an up and coming designer for men's knitted garments. He's modeling hi last design called Expedition. It is a nicely designed sweater and looks great on him, don't you think? I took this detail so you could see the detail of the front (and the cabling.)

You've heard the problem about sweater models being too cute as they distract from the sweater, haven't you? I admit there are times that I've had to put my thumb over the face of a model so I could concentrate on the sweater. ;) Todd has a great smile makes the sweater look even nicer. I have posted a photo without the smile so you can see the sweater.

I'm hopeful that he'll let me test knit a future pattern. {{hint, hint}}

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